Tailored or private tours worldwide

How many times you dreamed to do a motorcycle tour somewhere in the world along with your best friends?
Whether they are iconic roads, such as Route 66 (USA) or the Road of Bones (Russia-Siberia). Or regions with lots of adrenaline and fun, such as riding through Africa, from Capetown to Victoria Falls; or the routes of northern Europe, looking for the Aurora Borealis. Maybe you imagined yourself riding on the Silk Road to the Far East, or the amazing Indochina peninsula, which includes Vietnam and its memories from the war; Myanmar and its current conflicts and also the diversity of Thailand and modern Singapore. Australia and New Zealand, Central America, or South America. Any option you name, we have the skills and the resources for the dreams to come true. 

R40moto offers the chance of setting up the motorcycle tour you want. You can choose the destination, incorporate the services that best suits your budget and draw the maps  for the tour. We have a team of professionals who will make your motorcycle tour, first of all, a safe and doable project, and second, a unique experience.

You can also, pick one of our tradicional tours up and make it private in dates and any features they have. We need at least 8 riders to be able to keep the same range of prices. Less means a surcharge. More than 12, needs more staff and support. 

You can do the tour on your own or on a rented motorcycle, we offer a fleet of BMW Motorrad GS starting from Argentina, or a similar vehicle from colleagues around the world.

We can also offer different departure and arrival points for your trips. We can build it up from our Buenos Aires headquarters or we can move the units to any place in Argentina, like Mendoza, Esquel, Salta, Córdoba, Posadas, to name just a few.  Of course, we transport back the bikes from the destination point, as Ushuaia or Calafate, Jujuy or San Juan. Our fleet is authorized to cross borders to Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia without any trouble for our customers. 
We organize everything to suit your ideas. Elsewhere in the world. For this we leverage from being BMW Motorrad Official Partners, which means that we have colleagues and friends all over the planet to ask for advice, to hire services and to trust the standards and quality for products and services.  

  • Self-guided tours: we provide all the elements, logistics, transfers, information, reservations, and you only have to press the "navigate" button on the GPS or maps that we can generate and provide.
  • Guided tours, leaded by certified by ITA-BMW Academy: the tour-leader will plan and organice the tour, in constant communication with you and your group. Once the agreement is reached, on issues like the destinations, the tour scheme, the characteristics of the route, the luxury level wanted, etc., the tour-leader makes it possible, leads the group to make a safe trip, and seeks that everyone enjoys driving as much as possible. You set your focus on landscapes, camaraderie and driving techniques leaving all the backoffice in the hands of our professionals.
  • Travel advice: we love the stage of dreaming and thinking about motorcycle tours. We can offer you counselling, share experiences, give advice so you can be sure that your planning is correct and nothing is left to chance. You and your group do all the research and planning work. Our role is to support you with the accumulated experience we have and contact you with the best suppliers in the world, while enjoying a beer!

Its and endless range of options. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will happily help you at any stage you are stuck in!

Additional info:

  • All financial parameters, type of roads, daily distances, total mileage, towns and cities, style, etc. will be written down in the travel book and in full agreement between the client and our planning team. 
  • The costs are broken down as follows: 
    • Motorcycle rental or transportation to the initial destination (pickup and dropoff)
    • Insurance (personal, vehicles, health care, etc.) 
    • Accommodation and meals 
    • Air fares if applicable 
    • Fuel, tolls, income to parks, attractions and others 
    • Logistic costs (support vehicle and expenses of the personnel assigned to the trip) 
    • Fees for tour-leaders and support staff